ISEF Africa is an education company based in Kenya that helps provide access to quality international education for local and international families across Africa through multiple channels.

We are a key player in Africa's international student recruitment space, connecting leading global international and independent schools, higher education institutions, educators, agents, and service providers to families in Africa seeking quality global education and linking international education B2B networks.

ISEF Africa actively supports the growth of quality global education in Africa, global student mobility, and the M.I.C.E industry in the region.

Through our services, independent schools & universities, gain results in growing international student enrollments, and families and students gain easy access to important enrollment information leading to school selection that meets their needs and to direct connections with heads and admissions staff of leading global education providers.

  • International / Independent Schools Fairs
  • International Higher Education Fairs
  • International student placement services (through connection with leading agents)
  • International / independent schools digital directory
  • International Schools Guide publication
  • International schools Workshops & Webinars
  • Parents Forum
  • International School Summer programs placement
  • International Student Global Tourism & Travel
  • International Independent Schools Africa Awards and Gala
  • International School Service Providers professional networking
  • International Education Fairs
  • International School Exchange Programs

For enquiries reach us on info@isefafrica.com and we will promptly get back to you.

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